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We are all destined for our unique version of greatness, it's time to discover yours! Local to Los Angeles Area, Virtual Sessions Also Available.Limited Special Offer!
Limited Special Offer!
Cynthia Martin
Success Alignment Hypno-Coach, Energy Healing Expert & Conscious Thriving Advocate

Holistic Mind, Body, Soul Wellness and Empowerment mentoring for conscious Women. 

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Are you feeling stuck, lost, unmotivated and tired of searching for answers or are struggling on your journey to healing and finding the true meaning of your life and The Universe Brought You Here?

What if you could bypass years of struggle and work directly with your soul, higher self, and intuition to discover your purpose and destiny?

Are you ready to unleash your unique gifts and talents that are the keys to your purpose and healing everything that gets in the way of realizing them?

Then it’s time YOU align with YOUR unique soul blueprint, and I invite you to have a chat with me about how to make that happen!

Let’s face it! The Universe / Some Higher Power / Spirit has organized things in your life in such a way inspiring you to search for that something more; you’re something missing. If it led you here, then you’re up to a BIG GAME, and your soul is calling you to up-version your life & bypass the struggle of doing it alone!  Are you going to answer the call?

“We confuse the path to self-discovery with Trying to Change ourselVes when our soul is thirsting for us to be our whole authentic self.” – Cynthia Martin

So You’re in the right place if :

  • You have been working with healers, mentors and other alternative therapies experiencing temporary relief but the same patterns, pains or challenges keep surfacing and you are ready to do the deeper mind/body/soul holistic work to heal the root of the issue once in for all, activate your higher potential and self-healing capabilities and take control of your personal and professional life. 

  • You are on a self-awareness and self-empowerment journey ready to take your path to the best level to unblock what gets in the way of discovering and living your full potential. 

  • If you are in a transition phase of your life where you are no longer willing to compromise and are ready to embrace your deeper wisdom, hidden gifts or talents and learn how to leverage them both personally and professionally to create consistent results in improving health, relationships, career purpose-driven satisfaction, and holistic abundance. 

  • If you have lived your life according to someone else’s idea success too long, it wasn’t fulfilling you and awakened to the realization that you are meant for much much more and are ready to discover what that is NO MATTER WHAT!

  • Or you’re actively on the Change-Making Heroin’s Journey and are tired of doing it alone or what you learned from courses, other mentors, healers, coaches is still missing something and you need to go deeper in nurturing your spirituality to reach your next level of growth, success and abundance?

  • You’re all of the above and a higher calling has been awakened in you to live your truth/purpose/life mission and want to heal yourself and help others do the same in your unique way but needs a mentor who’s been through it to guide you in very practical real-life ways honoring where you are and meet your unique needs!

If any of this resonates and you are ready to fast track your life with becoming Aligned with YOUR Unique Soul Blueprint… Let’s have a free Chat & see if we are a fit to work together one-on-one!

Maybe, you’re not ready to take that quantum leap in your journey just yet, but you’re still here, I invite you to have a chat anyway!  It may be the conversation that changes the course of your path.

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shameless love


Cynthia has such a powerful sensibility and an illuminated understanding of life and what it means to live it. She gently guides you back to your truest essence and gives you the power to be your truest and most authentic self. She holds deep wisdom and is always present without judgment. She helped me break through old patterns and ways of being that I’ve struggled with for years in the short time that I’ve known her. She is direct, yet so incredibly supportive through the whole healing process. I am forever grateful for having had such a profound experience with Cynthia and her healing capabilities.


There have been moments in my life where I wasn’t sure how I was going to get myself through them.
I’ve practiced self-healing through positive thinking, meditation, prayer and although being in practice of doing these things, I still was left with self-love and self-worth conversations. This had been a huge part of my life’s journey and realizing that I am worthy of being loved and sharing of my gifts has been a process.

Cynthia has played a pivotal part in this journey of self-discovery. Her guidance and healing methods have made it possible time and time again to shift the energy that does not serve me into magnificent tangible things that have always been within my reach but blocked by me because of past experiences. She’s spiritually guided to facilitate the connection of light within us to our highest potential. Every session with her takes me to another level of living. I am truly grateful for you Cynthia. Thank you for always being in a state of allowance!


I can’t say enough wonderful and inspiring things about Cynthia. She is the Real Deal! I am lucky and blessed that I had an opportunity to work with Cynthia who is so gifted with an amazing energy healing talent. What I loved about her is that she helped me to connect with my innermost self for guidance and inspiration and to be able to recognize my own power. Cynthia helps you to tap into your inner wisdom, trust your own instincts, clairvoyance and be able to guide yourself throughout this spiritual journey with your own intuition and power. It is so empowering!

Thank you, Cynthia, for your beautiful soul and for helping people with your extraordinary gift!