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We are all destined for our unique version of greatness, it's time to discover yours! Local to Los Angeles Area, Virtual Sessions Also Available.Limited Special Offer!
Limited Special Offer!
Cynthia Martin
Success Alignment Hypno-Coach, Energy Healing Expert & Soul Thriving Advocate

I Empower Intuitive, Energetically Sensitive, Women to Heal their hearts, power their minds & align with their CALLING & soul blueprint!



Are you feeling stuck, lost, unmotivated and tired of searching for answers or are struggling on your journey to healing and finding the true meaning of your life and The Universe Brought You Here?

What if you could bypass years of struggle and work directly with your soul, higher self, and intuition to discover your purpose and destiny?

Are you ready to unleash your unique gifts and talents that are the keys to your purpose and healing everything that gets in the way of realizing them?

Then it’s time YOU align with YOUR unique soul blueprint, and I invite you to have a chat with me about how to make that happen!

Let’s face it! The Universe / Some Higher Power / Spirit has organized things in your life in such a way inspiring you to search for that something more; you’re something missing. If it led you here, then you’re up to a BIG GAME, and your soul is calling you to up-version your life & bypass the struggle of doing it alone!  Are you going to answer the call?

“We confuse the path to self-discovery with Trying to Change ourselVes when our soul is thirsting for us to be our whole authentic self.” – Cynthia Martin

1 in 5 People (1.4 billion or 20% of the globe) is born biologically wired to feel more of the world and are “Tuned-In” to perceive the higher frequencies of our environments from the inside out. You feel deeper than most, you have unique emotional and soul-nurturing needs and life today is more overwhelming than ever if you don’t know what is happening to you or how to tap into these gifts.

Most don’t know “it’s a real thing,” feel out of place and are secretly living unfulfilling, unsatisfying lives incongruent to their true nature.  The world overwhelms you and often drains your energy just to be in it. But it doesn’t have to be this way; we are only 20% of the world for a specific reason, and this trait is a powerful gift designed to contribute and support the conscious evolution of the other 80% of the world.

If this sounds like you then YOU are my people and I know the inner struggle that you live trying to make sense of where you fit, why and how.

So You’re in the right place if :

  • You are a spiritually gifted woman, energy sensitive, a Healer, an Empath, or just born ‘different’ and the negative energy of the world overwhelms you but don’t understand why, where you fit in, what your gifts are or how to leverage them to find your purpose!

  • If you are a mom of a consciously evolved spiritually gifted child with unique emotional needs, and you need help understanding how to nurture your evolved child while meeting your own needs to bring balance to your life and home.

  • Something in you has changed or has awakened and your life doesn’t fully make sense anymore so you need to go deeper in nurturing your spirituality to realize the meaning of your life.

  • Or you’re all of the above and a higher calling has been awakened in you to heal others and you need a mentor who’s been through it to guide you in discovering what ‘it’ is and how to master it… NO MATTER WHAT!

If any of this resonates and you are ready to fast track your life with becoming Aligned with YOUR Unique Soul Blueprint… Let’s have a free Chat & see if we are a fit to work together one-on-one!

If you’re not ready to take that quantum leap in your journey just yet, but you’re still here, I invite you to have a chat anyway!  It may be the conversation that changes the course of your path.

 Let's chat


shameless love


My personal experience & enlightenment was beyond amazing, Most importantly the incredible results from the personal coaching I received from Cynthia. I was feeling stuck and in a horrible rut and feeling hopeless. I was able to open my heart & soul and experience everyday life with a renewed PERCEPTION .


What seemed to be blocking me cleared up…suddenly, opportunities presented themselves in support to reach goals I’d set aside because of my bad experience and almost a month later they continue to unfold with ease and flow. It’s amazing how my path cleared.


Cynthia helped me connect with my true self as I was going through a very painful time in my life. I had been running from what I didn’t want to face and denying my self worth for many many years. Thank you Cynthia for helping through this journey.