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About Me

Heal the heart of the mothers and you heal the heart of the world. Cynthia Martin – LEH


To serve a Million HeartCore Moms™ by ending the shaming and muting of our feminine power so we as women can embrace all our beautiful parts, especially the messy bits, to become healed, whole and complete.  Only then can our brilliance come into full view and shine brightly upon our families and the world as the penetrating force of love that will be carried across generations for the unapologetic thriving of all humanity without exception!



Being a Catalyst for Healing, Spiritual Freedom and Personal Mastery simply feeds my soul!

I am thrilled and truly excited to have connected with you and have you spending time getting to know me.  I live for attracting like-minded, passionate and heart driven agents for change especially those ready to version up their life and tap into their limitless potential.


Like so many modern moms today I consider myself a “Ring Master” of sorts because I am not defined by any one thing.  I come from the HeartCore Moms™ love tribe comprised of many aspects of a holistic identity from empowered woman standing for the brilliance of all women, a mother/boo-boo fixer and loving hug master for my kids, I am also a wife, a sister, devoted friend, spiritual leader, and mentor, a visionary mamapreneur, and relentless advocate for catalyzing the unapologetic thriving of all humanity..  and the list goes on.

First and foremost what drives me every day is the insatiable desire to be the ultimate best version of ME, which has to include all the messy bits, to truly live beyond limits! This is the only way I can be the best example for my two beautiful powerhouse daughters, other mamas, mamas to be or anyone that has a mama, so we all authentically live our passion purpose every day especially during this critical time in the world today!

After a lifetime of resisting, I finally came to accept my spirituality, intuitive gifts and best of all my incredible feminine power, which has allowed me to understand the world around me in a way I never could dream possible. Coming out of the spiritual closet to spread my brilliant feminine wings was one of the most liberating paradigm shifts of my life and I am ready to shine on baby!

There’s a great passion in me for igniting that heart fire in anyone who is seeking to make a radical change in their lives and live unapologetically beyond limits and with true purpose!  

Through my life experience, which can be summed up as my own personal growth boot camp which has run the gambit of moments from great joy and adventure to deep depression and rising from the pits of my own hell to growing and becoming eternally grateful for the journey.  As a result of living my life on this earth school, I have developed an immeasurable aptitude for resilience and strength! Using these personal powers has allowed me to truly face the depths of my shadows and come to not only own it but really appreciate it and powerfully harmonize it with the light and fire within me.  These lessons have given me a great perspective of which I have been sharing with people my whole life.  It has been a blessing to share my gift of experience and touch the souls of many people in profound life changing ways.

This boot camp journey to becoming one of the Million HeartCore Moms™ I am here to serve has been the very culmination to finding my calling and becoming a catalyst for the personal freedom of other change making visionaries on this spiritual path.  I am joyfully fulfilling my mission to Heal the Hearts, Power the Minds and Free the Spirits of my fellow HeartCore Moms™ to Ignite a Life They Love and Deserve. Our Children and the generations of children that will follow are counting on us to break free and FLY.



I specialize in addressing the holistic connection between the mind, body, spirit and energy so I am able to address the root of my client’s blocks for long lasting results. By integrating the ancient healing arts, my spiritual gifts and intuition with my understanding of neuroscience and epigenetics I am able to help my clients heal from emotional trauma, negative past life, and karmic patterns, disempowering behaviors in addition to balancing energetic misalignments of the mind, body, spirit connections.

I have extensive training in a variety of powerful energy healing modalities which I combine with advanced leading edge tools to support the unique needs of each of my clients.  This way I can provide customized plans designed to accelerate the healing process and development of my clients own self-healing abilities that allow for lifelong empowerment in all areas of life.  The deep level work I do creates powerful shifts that influence every aspect of their lives from relationships, career/finance and purpose in a very powerful way which aligns them to the life path they are meant to live.

I am certified as a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist with a specialty in Womb Work and Past Life Work, Advance Akashic Records Practitioner, Sound Healing Specialist, Certified Crystal Healer, Spiritual Consultant/Educator, and Intuitive Mastery Coach to name the top few.  My expansive energy medicine tool bag allows me many avenues to address the unique needs of the deep work required to make lasting positive change and I pride myself in my ability to navigate this area with deep understanding of the subtle and not so subtle influences that go beyond the conventional approaches in order to reach the right solution.  I have a deep respect for conventional medicine and my work is never a replacement for medical treatments however this is a very powerful alternative and/or supplement to existing wellness plans and I will always meet my clients where they are to enhance their care and healing.



Like so many seekers, I had been living a life that didn’t fit me although be it a successful one by definition, you know the drill keeping up with the boys club holding high-paying jobs, loving family, great friends, well traveled and lots of adventure in between and certainly not without its extreme low points but good by design.  But no matter how good things were going I would always come back to the search, that longing to fill a “void” a pull per se that was always calling me back to something I had separated from in childhood.  A 360 degree journeyed that spanned more than half my life.  In my search, I would find myself drawn to personal development in one facet or another becoming well-versed in the world of self-awareness.  But no matter how awesome the high of being amongst other evolving souls in these environments it was never enough.  I could never fully satisfy that insatiable longing for greater meaning, still finding it difficult to fit in within my everyday reality, after the highs wore off I remained constantly thirsting for something more until it happened… I became a mom and something in me finally woke up.

I am privileged to enjoy one of life’s greatest most challenging gifts of being a mom and my 1st pregnancy was near perfect until it wasn’t. Delivering my daughter Sophia was one of those life and death moments that thankfully has a happy ending but sent me on a new path of soul searching and healing but this time with the intent and new purpose to help my highly consciously attuned little girl.  Through my little girl, I was able to recognize my calling which is to ultimately help pave the way for what I call the New Earth Kids, like my two girls, being born today.

These kids are born with a much higher degree of consciousness and awareness that requires deeper understanding and support from us parents.  In order for that to occur, I believe, that we have to start with the heart of the family and that is the mother.  So my true healing began and I have been in an emotionally and mentally expansive path hOMe to the whole heart of me.   And although the path continues I am now in a place of unshakable clarity of where I am meant to be and finally fit me in my mission to serve my girls and A Million HeartCore Moms™ answer their calling to serve their children, families and the world through their own healing process.