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About Me

Heal the heart of the mothers and you heal the heart of the world. Cynthia Martin – LEH


To illuminate, mentor and celebrate the leadership potential of those born with the innate trait of high sensitivity, so they are nurtured to become change making leaders in their own lives and impact our not-so-sensitive world with their gifts.



Emotional Fitness and Energy Healing Expert

Being a Catalyst for Healing,  Spiritual Freedom and Personal  Mastery simply feeds my soul!”  – Cynthia Martin

Cynthia is known as the Highly Sensitive Leadership Mentor for families of Highly Sensitive Children, Empaths and HSP’s.  She is the founder of Lumiere Energy Healing which specializes in bridging the art and science of aligning the inner world with the life designed for the HSP.   Coming from a long lineage of HSP Empaths and Intuitive Mediums it was no surprise to have found herself being called to leave her 15-year technical career in telecommunications to pursue a new path in the healing arts to align with her purpose.  Being exposed to alternative medicine as a child and spending over 20-years immersed in personal growth and leadership development she acquired the mental, emotional and spiritual acuity which gives Cynthia the unique ability to get to the heart of what stands in your way of creating lasting transformation and living an authentic HSP life you love and deserve.  She is committed to serving the community of Highly Sensitive People and Highly Sensitive Children, like her two little girls through mentoring and energy medicine to bring alignment at the deeper levels of the mind, body, spirit consciousness.


 The new generation of conscious kids born with the HSP trait needs parents to upgrade their mental and emotional game and acquire the parenting skills required to nurture these gifts, so they are safe to grow up to be happy, confident and well-adjusted leaders in their lives and the world. – Cynthia Martin

I am thrilled and truly excited to have connected with you and have you spending time getting to know me.  I live for attracting like-minded, passionate and heart driven agents for change especially those ready to version up their life, the life of their loved ones by tapping into the limitless potential of the Highly Sensitive Gift.


I have the insatiable desire to be the best authentic ME, which includes all the messy bits, to live beyond limits! It is the only way to be the best example for my two-beautiful powerhouse Highly Sensitive daughters, other moms of Highly Sensitive Children or anyone who’s Highly Sensitive Inner Child needs to be set free to authentically live our passion purpose every day especially during this critical time in the world today!

I’m an integrated Highly Sensitive Person who has found her place in the world after decades of feeling incomplete and searching for that something missing.  I am committed to healing and mentoring other HSP’s searching for answers, Parents of Highly Sensitive Children who need a right fit parenting solution, so they stop struggling to find theirs beginning now.

Being a proud mama of two Highly Sensitive Children, each BTW, on the opposite ends of the sensitivity spectrum from introspective to extrovert makes for a fun ride and finding the balance to meet everyone’s needs including my own is an art I am continually mastering.  I’m married to a husband that is NOT an HSP but is a grounding force for the three of us rounding out our little family, which btw, gives me the full monty of real HSP life experience, to say the least.



Having spent most of my lifetime feeling “different” not knowing I was an HSP made for a 20+ year personal growth boot camp journey, searching for that something inside that I felt was “incomplete.” At the time, I did not know that empathic part of what made me different is a powerful gift that is now in high demand for becoming a great leader in our world.  This gift comes from my innate trait of a finely tuned nervous system that allows me and other Highly Sensitive People like me to experience the world at a whole other level.  Some of these traits include the highly developed ability to feel others emotions (empathy), we are highly introspective with the capacity to process more of our environments than the average person, we have an awareness of subtleties others don’t notice such as sound and light and much more.

This understanding of my innate trait combined with my life’s journey has equipped me to create a personal development system that has helped me and my children and others like us learn how to use this superpower to create an extraordinary life in a not so sensitive world.

So after a lifetime of resisting being the true me and learning how to hide it, because it was too much for people to handle, I was lovingly forced by the universe to accept all of my delicate and vulnerable messy sensitive parts.  I had locked them away in my emotional dungeon along with that 7-year-old wounded girl waiting to be set free and with the birth of my 1st child, that time had come.

In the process of becoming a mom, I was put face to face with that little girl in me recognizing the struggles my daughter Sophia was experiencing with her sensitivity. My transition into motherhood catalyzed a journey of discovering my spirituality immersing myself in becoming an expert in Emotional and Mental Fitness, Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy Past Life and Womb Work and learning how to bridge the science and art of healing using these and many different tools to help others.  It also led me to develop many intuitive gifts and the realization that I too was an HSP which has since allowed me to understand and navigate the world around me in a way I never could dream possible and I love it!

These lessons and most often challenging experiences I have acquired gave me the formula for thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person and Parent.  It is truly a blessing to share my gift to touch the souls of many, in profound life changing ways.  I love seeing the transformation in the families of these extraordinary children and other HSP’s  who, like me, were not given the tools in childhood to thrive from the start and had to struggle. Having found you here now; I hope to do the same for you.

I thank you and welcome you to the HSP journey!