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About Me

I LOVE WHAT I DO! “Being a catalyst for Healing, Spiritual Freedom, and Personal Mastery feeds my soul!”


I am thrilled and excited to have connected with you and have you spending time getting to know me.  I live for attracting like-minded, passionate and heart driven agents for change especially those ready to version up their life and tap into their limitless potential. But before you read my story to see if you like me or not, I want to share my intention.


The work I do revolves around empowering women to heal at the soul level and discover the meaning and purpose of their lives but struggle, like I have, doing it all alone without the right kind of support.  I didn’t have a mentor who understood the overwhelming “out there” experiences I was having let alone how to deal with them.  This is why I am here to bypass the drama trauma of the spiritual evolution process for those who are committed to discovering their destiny. I am not for everyone, and not everyone is for me, and that’s ok.

If you are in the space where something has awakened in you, and you must figure out what it is, whatever it takes, with someone who’s been through the mess, so you don’t have to!  Then you’re in the right place, and I invite you to have a chat with me and see where it goes because this is really about you and not me.

If you want to get a taste of my style, check out this Alchemy Sisters podcast episode of which I had the privilege to be a guest and honorary Alchemy Sister.  (P.S. show starts at the: 30-second mark so you can skip the ad) 😉




I am a Highly Sensitive Person, and NO, this does not mean I am a drama queen, overly emotional, introverted (although 30% HSP’s are introverts) or shy, it means I was born wired to tune into the higher frequencies of my environments both internal and external.  It also says that my intuitive and empathic abilities amongst other spiritual gifts are very developed which made it difficult to find my place in the world growing up because I didn’t know this was a thing.

I Love Big, Feel Big, Work and Play Big and strive every day to be the best version of me I can be with as much compassion and self-love for the messy human bits that make living on this earth school so worthwhile.  I have been on the long, lonely and isolated Heroine’s Journey living and thriving in environments not naturally suited for me (i.e., the corporate business world) by mastering hiding in plain sight on the road to my self-discovery.  I have experienced the many faces of abuse and trauma, (much self-inflicted from misaligned beliefs, patterns & behaviors) so my kids and others like me don’t have to.

My life experience has been a culmination of many and often painful growth opportunities which have taught me how to appreciate and integrate the many blessings hidden in my shadows bringing me full circle to discover my truth, my purpose, and my destiny to teach others to do the same.

I am also the proud mama of two ‘Spiritually Evolved New Earth Kids’ who catalyzed a massive awakening in me, they stretch me and teach me on the daily how to better handle our challenges, so I can meet them where they are starting.  I’m married to a husband not wired the same way which fully supports and grounds our unique family.  Being and having kids born different in a world that doesn’t encourage different is why teaching my kids and others like us how to access and leverage our gifts to become fulfilled and live meaningful lives.


“After a lifetime of feeling ashamed to be the authentic spiritually gifted me, I began to accept all of my delicate & vulnerable messy parts, accepted my spirituality, intuitive gifts & HSP sensitivity.  I now easily navigate the world around me in a way I never could dream possible and empower and teach women to heal and learn to do the same.”



Rather than bore you with the drawn-out dirty details of a lifetimes worth of “falling on my face” fails to my supreme wonder woman bad ass triumphs,  I’ll just add the highlights of what makes me qualified to do what I do. However, if you’re truly interested and need to know the details, I am happy to give you the full scoop 1-on-1. 😉

The  more serious “Get it done” background:

  • Serial entrepreneur (since my late teens) failing over and over again and doing the walk of shame each time when having to face my loved ones when it didn’t succeed the way I expected it when they told me it wouldn’t.

  • Invested thousands of dollars collectively on programs and systems in business and personal growth in search for what I thought I was “supposed to do” in life, never finding it because deep down what I was looking for was MY tribe and purpose all along.

  • Had some great and not so great leadership mentors in both business and personal mastery.  Providing a fantastic result oriented background that I integrate into my work today but is only a part of the whole picture.

The spiritual integration background:

  • Born spiritually gifted and energetically sensitive although I didn’t realize it most of my life because I grew up not believing I was worthy of such a gift. Mastered “hiding in plain sight” because I was ashamed of my gift so I suppressed it until my major “somethings gotta give moment” which came ten years ago.

  • Spent over 20 years developing personal mastery and emotional fitness skills through mentoring, immersive transformational programs doing the deep shadow work which ultimately help me create my own processes along the way.

  • Becoming a mom, of spiritually evolved kids, I actively learn through failing and growing on the job and am reminded daily of the importance of healing the deep emotional damage of not feeling safe to be WHO We ARE BORN TO BE.  So, I am now an Advocate for Conscious Soul Parenting of the Spiritually Evolved Child, so they have a voice that speaks to and for them.

  • I am certified in many healing modalities such as a Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced Akashic Records Healing Practitioner & CCHT just to name a few from a long list.

In summary, I have integrated all the wisdom and knowledge I acquired from years of struggle, personal and emotional intelligence development, many spiritual teachings and healing modalities with vibrational medicine to mentor anyone committed to fast-tracking their evolution to their extraordinary life.  All of these tools are the basis for creating my multifaceted Soul Alignment Success Systems for My Tribe of Energetically Sensitive, Empath, HSP and Spiritually Gifted Women born to lead.

It is a blessing to share my gift to touch the souls of many people, especially the families of these extraordinary women, in profound life-changing ways and being that you have found your way here now; I hope to do the same for you.

Welcome hOMe!

If the Universe orchestrated things for you to find me and this calls to you, I invite you to set up a free chat to see if we might be aligned to work together.