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I specialize in blending the art and science of healing for personal mastery by addressing the holistic, energetic connection between the mind, body, and spirit. This way I can identify and remove the root of my client’s blocks which are preventing them from achieving their desired results of having it all… good health, balanced family life with happy fulfilling relationships, financial growth or satisfaction in career and much more.

By integrating the ancient healing arts, my spiritual gifts and intuitive mastery coaching with my understanding of neuroscience and epigenetics I can help my clients quickly heal from many unforeseen causes. 

I can quickly remove blocks related to emotional trauma, negative past life memories, karmic patterns, and disempowering behaviors passed down between generations that sabotage the personal progress for achieving your well-deserved desires and dreams in life.

My 20+ years of personal growth experience and extensive training in a variety of powerful energy healing modalities combined with the use of leading edge tools to support the unique needs of each of my clients, I can deliver quick and lasting results.

This holistic approach allows me to provide customized plans designed to accelerate the healing process and awaken your unique gifts which allow for lifelong empowerment in all areas of life.  The deep level work I do creates shifts that influence every aspect of your life from relationships, career/finance, and life’s purpose as well as family dynamics in a way which aligns them to the life path you are meant to live and deserve.


I am a certified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist with a specialty in Womb Work and Past Life Work, Advance Akashic Records Practitioner specializing in the karmic and ancestral clearing, Sound Healing Specialist, Certified Crystal Healer, also, to providing support as a Spiritual Consultant/Educator, and Intuitive Mastery Coach.

My expansive energy medicine tool bag allows me many avenues to address the unique needs of the deep work required to make lasting positive change. I pride myself in my ability to navigate this area with an understanding of the subtle and not so subtle influences that go beyond the conventional approaches to reach the right solution.

I have a profound respect for traditional medicine, and my work is never a replacement for medical treatments. However, this is a powerful yet safe alternative which supplements existing wellness plans, and I will always meet my clients where they are to enhance their care, empower their healing and catalyze their personal freedom. 

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