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Energy Hygiene for the Energy Sensitive, Empaths and Clairvoyant Souls

Quick Tips for Clearing Negative Energy and Protecting Your Good Vibes.

Negative Energy Defense

If you are like me, you are HIGHLY SENSITIVE  to the energy around you and potentially an Empath or Clairvoyant (a person with the extraordinary ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual). If this is you it can quickly become overwhelming to be around large groups of people or even in certain places because you so easily can become hijacked by feelings and emotions that are not yours to deal with in the first place.

Many of us don’t realize that the heart operates as traffic control for the brain constantly creating heart-brain communication through a very complex nervous system.

The heart is also the intelligence center from which our intuition or inner wisdom derives and the source of our e-Motions (energy in motion).

This energy source from our heart has been measured and found to radiate 360 degrees around the body between 3-4 feet and can change according the state of your emotions.

That being said we all have this 3-4-foot electrical bio energy source which is constantly coming into contact with and overlapping this very aura or bio field of other people.  Think about that, this means when you’re in line for coffee or the grocery store, your job etc. your aura or hearts energy field is overlapping with that of every person standing within 3-4 feet of you.  So if someone is having a bad day or emitting some negative vibes and you are highly sensitive to energy, you can absorb all of the negative energy or “bad vibes” just for being in the vicinity compounding that if you are an awesome Empath with limited understanding of your gift… YIKES!

So how do you develop good energy hygiene and transform the overwhelming effects of negative energy as an energy sensitive person or empath?
Here are a few quick tips you can use to counteract the effects of this energetic hijacking:

  1. Perform frequent energy healing like Reiki or Crystal Healing on yourself or from a professional to support clearing the negative energy you may have been absorbing.  Reiki and Crystal Healing is a wonderful way to use high vibe energy, frequencies and intentions to help clear and balance your chakras and energy field with the added bonus of some serious relaxation and stress relief.  I love me some Reiki Crystal Healing combo self love.
  2. Use the natural high frequency healing power of mama earth’s bling-afied gifts to accessorize and balance your energy mojo such as Magnetite or Purple Jade, both are crystals that have frequencies which support balancing the polarity of your energy field.
  3. Clear & Shield your energy field the same way you would wash your hands, instead of soap use the power of visualization and imagine an awesome gold and white light bath showering you from the the top of your head out the bottoms of your feet clearing away all the negative energetic debris like a power wash for your aura field.  As you imagine the light clearing your field chant in your mind four times clear, clear, clear, clear (intention is everything and this is a great way to train your mind to instruct your body to deflect the bad joo joo).  Then go Super Hero Style, create an energy armor around your body almost like a cocoon that is intended to protect you and deflects what is not for your highest good but will filter and allow only the good stuff.  For beginners do this once an hour (takes less than a minute each time so don’t freakout! You can afford 12 minute a day) throughout the day until you can feel the shielding become automatic. For more seasoned peepz, I still recommend at least 3-6 times a day because the bad vibes are everywhere. You will notice the difference in how you feel at the end of the day & thank yourself.
  4. Most important of all listen to your intuition, that natural inner guidance system that will let you know what red flags to look for and if going to certain places or being around certain people is good for you or not.  Don’t engage in conversations or activities that don’t uplift your energy especially if your are Highly Sensitive or an Empath because trying to shake off the energetic muck is more painful than any amount of gossip will ever be worth, and who’s got time for that?!

With these simple tips you can arm yourself and make better decisions to minimize these negative influences without having to avoid the world or resorting to living under a rock.

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