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Reiki Healing for Mind Body & Spirit

Benefits of Reiki for Holistic Well-Being

Reiki is a method of relaxation, stress reduction and a method of energetic spiritual healing that originates from Japan.


Rei – Meaning universal or higher power

Ki – Meaning Life force energy.


The transfer of energy is done by the “laying on” of the hands over the body. It channels this life force energy into the Chakras, through the hands. Some Reiki practitioners do not place their hands the client’s body, but keep them some inches away from the body and let the energy flow.


Reiki has been known to heal the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspect of a person. Reiki improves inner harmony and balances providing the following benefits:


1. Promotes health and well being

2. Helps with pain management

3. Encourages mental clarity

4. Releases stress and tension

5. Relieves depression

6. Reduces anxiety

7. Aids in relaxation

8. Improves sleep

9. Smooths digestion

10. Strengthens self-esteem

11. Heightens self-awareness and intuition

12. Offers support for substance abuse recovery


Bonus benefit

13. Relief of discomfort from pregnancy providing a deeper connection to mom and baby

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Happy Blessings



Reiki should not replace any medical treatment you’re currently undergoing if you’re ill and under medical physicians care.  Reiki is a powerful complementary tool to accelerate the recovery healing process, but it is not a substitute.  If you are looking for emotional and spiritual healing support to compliment your current conventional protocol Book Your Healing Consultation Today and begin your Soul Journey towards your holistic wellness!