We are all destined for our unique version of greatness, it's time to discover yours! Local to Los Angeles Area, Virtual Sessions Also Available.Limited Special Offer!
Limited Special Offer!

Special Offer

In Honor of the Month of Love, we’re offering $99 Rate 1-hour ($250 value)
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  • Do you continually attract the wrong guys?

  • Are you in an ‘On again Off again’ relationship that goes nowhere?

  • Do you have patterns of being in unhealthy relationships?

  • Are you tired of being in an unsatisfying, ‘non-committal’ relationship?

  • Maybe your just not finding a love that aligns with your soul?

 You may be struggling with Negative Karmic Relationship Patterns (NKRP’s) that are disrupting your life and has been occurring across many lifetimes.  These relationships offer us opportunities to heal negative karmic patterns so we can align with the right partner but can sabotage our happiness until we clear those energies and agreements in the process.

You are meant to live a life that you love and deserve full of abundance and joy!  Don’t let the Karmic baggage weigh you down any longer.  Set yourself free and heal the wounds of the past so you can create a better joyful future that aligns with your soul’s blueprint.