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Taming the Emotional Storm Within

3 Easy Steps to Calm the Emotional Overwhelm

Have you ever seen one of those National Geographic images of an ocean storm out in the middle of nowhere?  I find them so majestic and beautiful but profoundly frightening and chilling to consider being caught in one… could you imagine?!

Well most of us do our version of creating a similar force of nature within ourselves (WaaWhaat!) We do this every time we put all our mental and emotional energy towards fighting, controlling or hiding our “negative” emotions.  Majority of the time we never see it coming and have no sense of such a storm brewing within our very core. Nor do we realize how it even gained so much momentum in our hearts and minds until that very force of nature has to be expressed and comes to a head in usually one unpleasant, unhealthy, painful way or another.  And just as you couldn’t imagine being caught in one of the scary impressive ocean storms you are in one every time you go against the emotional grain of what you are dealing with inside.  Resisting your feelings and emotions is like swimming against the waves and the currents of that same ocean storm like when lieutenant Dan confronts God.

But why is this such a struggle for us human beings to embrace our emotions, especially us ladies when this is such an excellent source of creative power?

Unfortunately, we’ve been denied the very gift of learning the beauty behind emotional fitness which means viewing and using our e-motions (Energy in Motion) as powerful tools of inspiration for expressing extraordinary creativity and innovation and deepening our connection to our humanity, grace, and divine spirit.

Since childhood most of us have been taught to view being an emotional being as “weak” and that we should “toughen up,” “to stop being so sensitive” and the worst “stop your crying.”  We were trained to deny ourselves permission to own one of our most potent gifts and worse, to dis-embody the very thing that makes being human so beautiful although maybe not always fun but exciting.  Our emotions are the very thing that drives us to inspiration, imagination, and change.  However, the direction of that change will always be defined by the where you choose to swim, against your emotional current or rolling with the tide to lead you back home where possibility lives.

Some of the obvious signs you are repressing emotions are Anxiety, Stress and Fatigue and even insomnia.  If this is you, the next time you find yourself facing a wave of e-motion (Energy in Motion) take a moment and choose to roll with it in a new empowered way using one of the primary pillars of emotional intelligence which is self-awareness.  So instead of allowing yourself to be moved or controlled by your emotions, connect with what is brewing inside using these few simple steps to give yourself release and relief. (WARNING: some of this may seem counter-intuitive but on the contrary, this will allow you to shift from being controlled to being in control so go for it anyway while honoring where you are and what and how far you are willing to go with yourself).

Note: Always take responsibility for your well being and do your best to be in a safe space for this exercise especially in the middle of situations that are triggering strong negative emotions.

Name it and claim it – what exactly is it that you are feeling and name it?  (I’m sad, or I’m mad) Then take ownership of your emotions because no one “makes” you feel anything, and we are each responsible for our emotional response, as annoying as that may be, no one can make us feel or do anything without our permission.

Locate it – As you feel the emotions bubbling inside determine where in your body are you feeling it then place your hands on that spot.  This spot is where you tend to hold these feelings and may have experiences of physical pains that you didn’t realize is tied to this emotional resistance such as a “pain in the neck.”  I have found through my practice that most women, myself included, will have their emotional pain like worry expressed in the lower back which creates energetic blocks in the sacral chakra and its corresponding organs such as our womb and reproductive organs.

Friend your Pain, Acknowledge It & Release – Bring the pain to the forefront of your mind, this helps you step into the driver’s seat instead of being the passenger on a bad ride, and it also connects you to the emotions at a cellular and energetic level. Then mentally give your body permission to feel safe to feel fully.

Once you’ve given permission place your hand on the pain site acknowledge the pain by saying “It hurts here” (if you can express your discomfort by writing what you feel it is even more powerful but not necessary).   Then as if turning a dial imagine turning up the volume on the pain as high as you can imagine feeling it’s intensity then ask it to reveal the source of this pain.

Notice the first thought that comes to mind; this is your answer.  Finally inhale a deep cleansing breath as if filling your belly with as much oxygen as possible, then hold it for 8 seconds mentally saying I surrender this pain and choose to forgive myself for keeping it this long and forgiving the person or situation associated with this pain to love it free.  On the exhale, begin to imagine the emotions coming out as little particles of energy into the air and dissolving.  Take one more deep cleansing breath and feel the difference in your body.

You should feel lighter, and the pain should be gone or significantly lessened.  If it remains, you may have another layer to uncover to get to the root of when this first started.  Once you get to the root source, you will be free of the emotional trauma and have healed this issue.

If you’re ready to take the quantum leap and discover the power behind your emotions and how you can leverage the feels as creative power for manifesting your desires, Book your Clarity consultation today.