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Cynthia Martin, CHT, RMT
The Highly Sensitive Leadership Mentor

Mentoring parents of the new Generation of Highly Sensitive Children born for leadership

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Is your parenting style aligned to support your Highly Sensitive Child (HSC)?

Are you a frustrated parent that feels like there is something wrong with your child because they often have a meltdown in crowded, noisy places, are they labeled as “too sensitive” or “emotionally too intense” by teachers, doctors or well-intentioned family members.

Then you’re in the right place if,  you’re ready to learn how to nurture these gifts of sensitivity and cultivate the confidence they need to grow up happy, well-adjusted with the leadership intelligence they were born with?

What is a Highly Sensitive Person or Child?

A Highly Sensitive Person is part of the 20% of the global minority that is born with an innate trait of a sensitive nervous system, or in scientific terms, a “sensory-processing sensitivity” (SPS), whose brains are wired differently.  From the 1.4 Billion people with this trait, an estimated 30% are introverts, and 70% are extroverts. This trait is biological not learned; They can process high amounts of sensory information all at once which means they have a lower threshold for sensory information (too much noise, light smells, and bodily sensations).  This trait increases awareness to subtleties making it, so the HSP is actively tuned-in to what others ignore making the daily stimulation overload very overwhelming and challenging for the HSP if this trait isn’t developed as the gift of leadership it is designed to be.

Some of the Highly Sensitive Child traits

  • Sensitive to smells, sound, light, food or scratchy clothes
  • Hates to be wet or dirty
  • Highly Empathic and sensitive to others feelings (often as if they catch others emotions especially yours)
  • Notices subtleties others miss like slight changes in temperature
  • Gets easily overwhelmed with too much activity
  • Have frequent meltdowns in crowds or public places
  • Startles easily and can’t watch intense shows or movies
  • Is emotionally intense
  • Are very introspective and contemplative of things beyond their years
  • The need more down time than the average person
  • Are highly Intuitive and tend to “just know things.”

where do I start?

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My personal experience & enlightenment was beyond amazing, Most importantly the incredible results from the personal coaching I received from Cynthia. I was feeling stuck and in a horrible rut and feeling hopeless. I was able to open my heart & soul and experience everyday life with a renewed PERCEPTION .


What seemed to be blocking me cleared up…suddenly, opportunities presented themselves in support to reach goals I’d set aside because of my bad experience and almost a month later they continue to unfold with ease and flow. It’s amazing how my path cleared.


Cynthia helped me connect with my true self as I was going through a very painful time in my life. I had been running from what I didn’t want to face and denying my self worth for many many years. Thank you Cynthia for helping through this journey.

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Get My Free Video Series 3 Mistakes Good Parents Make that Emotionally Wound a Highly Sensitive Child

Learn how to Up-Level your parenting game to meet your Highly Sensitive Child's emotional needs

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